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Sexy lace lingerie to create fashion new vitality

No matter you are a girl or young woman, this life is doomed to and your lingerie intimate contact, this is not just to create a simple question of female chest curve. At the same time it is practice habits,disposition,and temperament of a person to get along with people. Burst out from the body of the most primitive and the most natural, new vitality and a new sense of fashion.

Sexy lace lingerie best to look at is that the exposed portion of skin, but reticent the Asians always need model cup lace under the lining on. Fortunately, the parts of the ears can reflect the subtleties of lace. This the water droplets mold cup bra deep V design, the classic European style leavers lace, ears, parts of wave hit color side effect, fold the shoulder strap design, beautiful and romantic atmosphere. Cheap lingerie also use a substantial the bud wire mesh yarn, both sexy and breathable pants wide design makes it exceptionally well package hip effect.

White lilies lace embroidery on the dark blue foundation has been sagging to the heart-shaped position, delicate and charming, just like the blue and white porcelain piece. Three directions blade design to create a three-dimensional chest contour. The intimate side behind no trace design, effective inclusive fat fat build Seamless beauty.

Side unique lace design and wonderful collision of color to bring out the secret weapon Bingjixuefu. Innovation sweat quick-drying fabric and lined cup mesh with the functional guard lining the sides of the cup.

Asymmetric applique at the shoulder and single waist position, as if the dark, rising to a red poppy, eclectic stimulus. Functional retaining lining shoulder strap combination Gently press the bone, and on the very state of the chest to maintain abundance. The embroidery silk lace Lingerie whoelsale with print gauze and fashion combined. Otherwise the same shall Dress can choose.

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