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How to buy underwear

First,Try underwear

Your chance to try on underwear counter, casually do not be lazy or shy to buy a take-home, unless it is to buy the second piece of the same style underwear models during this time your body does not have the slightest change. Test until you feel the most comfortable that one of the most personal pieces down, or do not pay.

The trial cheap lingerie  tips

The best time to buy underwear wearing flexible personal thin clothing.The test to the satisfaction of the underwear himself clothes to put on, and go out to please your friends or a large mirror inside carefully observed breast shape satisfied armpit and behind the fat and Lehen. If these points are satisfied can pay this mode is also eating a number of loss was summed up, sometimes to buy underwear wearing looked good in a small mirror, but to go home after they found out put clothes ineffective. So this step will not be spared. sometimes the case to discount underwear a size difference, this time do not listen to what Miss back manufacturers altered, or let you 75b lingerie dress as 80a lingerie (which is their usual tricks).At this time you determined not to buy any inappropriate size underwear, cheap take home even wipe tablecloths are done.

Select the color of underwear

Flesh-colored lingerie is always wild, flesh color slightly darker than the color most revealing to have emptied the danger than the a shallow complexion of flesh-colored white underwear most likely seeped out from the white shirt, did not expect it! Color underwear or stay wear it to a special time, even have seen the most horrible things than a young intern teacher black mesh clothes below clearly visible red bra.

Choose lingerie wohlesale fabric

If you are wearing a tight-fitting or Baotou YY glossy bra is always the most practical choice, those lace embroidery will make your chest look wrinkled, very indecent.

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